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Meet KaetheJo!

Tacoma Birth Photographer | Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by the Tacoma Birth Photographer dot com! I am so glad you came and I hope you found what you were looking for!

I am KaetheJo {Kay-Duh-Joe}! I mostly go my Kaethe, or Mom! I am a Pacific Northwest girl, living my dream, with my handsome hubby and our four beautiful children!

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The Family behind Tacoma Birth Photographer.com | Gorgeous Photograph by Shannon Sewell Photography.

I have a huge heart for birth and birth photography. For me, witnessing the birth of a child is THE SINGLE-MOST Beautiful Testimony that we get to experience here on earth. I am honored every single time I am invited into a mother’s sacred birth space. I have yet to leave a birth with dry eyes! Birth and Birth Photography, is my happy place!

I also have a passion for living life! I love to live, breathe, taste, touch and feel, all that life has to offer. Our family is always on the go, experiencing new adventures and enjoying life together as a family. And for me, my camera is an extension of my creative being and a huge part of my family. My kids aren’t always a fan of our extended family member, but the images I cherish the most are that of us, living.

With a passion for the living, I love documenting families. I love capturing them as a family, being a family. No forced smiles. No stiff poses. I love to document life. Real LIFE. The days that go by so quickly that sometimes we forget to revel in them, yet only a short time afterwards, we fondly miss them. Those moments that escape us are the moments I want to preserve for you! I want my clients to have a piece of their life that they can look back on and treasure for decades to come.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like more information on birth photography or customized lifestyle, family storytelling photography! Thanks again for hanging out with me and I look forward to providing you timeless photographs that I KNOW you will love forever!