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Tacoma Family Photographer | My girl and her blankie

Tacoma Family Photographer | All of my girls have been “blankie” girls. Not sure how it started but it certainly stuck. One of my favorite things to do while pregnant was picking out the first baby blanket for each of my daughters. We always picked out a special one and we always took it to the hospital with us on “the BIG day.” Each of my girls came home from the hospital with their special blanket draped over their teeny tiny laps (in the car seat). Only one of those special blankets became THE BLANKIE for any of the girls… but even so, I loved picking them out!

My oldest daughter loved her Disney Princess blanket that her Great Grandmother bought for her for Christmas. She sucked the tags off of it when she was about two. And the ONLY reason why she moved on to another blanket (about three years ago) was because it was so small (as it was a toddler blanket)… and she is SO long!

My second daughter LOVED her blankie that her daddy and I bought for her before she was born. It was this pretty purple, yellow and sky blue baby blanket. It was so so so soft! Its still kind of soft (going on 9 years later), but it is now a shade of “dirt” and she affectionately calls it her “white blankie“… There isn’t an ounce of white on it. Or an ounce of color, if we’re being honest.

My third sweet girl has about ten. And she calls them all “Dee-Dee.” Which translated to “blankie” back when she was barely able to talk… but the name has stuck. The hard part is figuring out which one she wants when she is crying for “Dee-Dee.” And if you don’t bring her the correct one… well, she is three… so you can imagine…

And then my littlest one. She had a few blankies that she loved dearly. There was one that her Great Grandmother made for my oldest, that she adored. Its an afghan so she always loved sticking her little piggies through the gaps. Then there was the one that we bought for her after we found out we she was a girl (which was on the day she was born) <3. We also got a few as gifts that she loved. And then came along “MiMi.” Which, similar to “Dee-Dee”, translates to blankie. MiMi was gifted to her on her first birthday from our dear friends, Josh and Jessica. When she opened it, I had NO IDEA that this was a life changing gift for her…

MiMi is this two sided blanket. Super soft on one side, and wool on the other side. The wool side is the side that drives me nuts. EVERYTHING gets stuck in it.. sticks, dirt, food, hair… it grosses me out. But, my sweet KK, LOVES it. If you try to lay her down with another blanket… she won’t stand for it. But, as soon as you hand over MiMi, she’ll snuggle into it, smile and roll over to go to sleep.

She calls out for MiMi as one would call out for a friend. It goes everywhere we go and it has been on quite a few adventures in its short nine months with our family. I wish I had photographed all of my girls with their blankies, but I knew I had to document KK with hers when I saw her loving on MiMi after nap time the other day.

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Tacoma Family PhotographerPINIMAGE

Tacoma Family Photographer | My Girl and Her Blankie

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