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Tacoma Family Photographer | Outtakes

Tacoma Family Photographer | Outtakes. At the end of every session (or sometimes at the beginning) I like to take an intentional family photograph. Yep! Old fashioned, sitting up straight, looking at the camera, and smiling! Something that the family can use for their Christmas card or perhaps use update their canvas above their fire place… a traditional photograph…

However, I still aim for legit smiles. Laughing smiles. Real life smiles. Not forced cheesy ones. So… in my attempt to help encourage the little ones to give me a belly laugh, while still looking at me… I pull out my inner clown. I make ridiculous noises that ONLY my clients will ever hear! I dance around like a mascot (and yes! I do have experience in being a mascot, so, I am legit in my mascot moves)… If I am lucky enough, I get those deep belly laughs from my littlest clients. Sometimes looking at me. Sometimes they are laughing so hard that they can’t even open their eyes (and I am TOTALLY okay with that)! And, the results are PERFECT! …

And… then there are times that it doesn’t work. Sometimes they look at me like I am from outer space… At which point I regroup and come up with another brilliant idea as quickly as I can before they run off…

But, even when it doesn’t work on the little ones… It ALWAYS works on Mom & Dad! Usually I am the only one that sees the excitement (and perhaps the “Whoa, this girl is NUTS) look in their eyes… and I typically have a good laugh in my office and then I move on to editing the remainder of their gallery… and typically those photos never see the light of day…

However, these loyal clients of mine are moving away… I am extremely sad… but, that will be in another post… Anyhow, I figured since they were leaving and this will be our last Family Photography Session (for awhile…wink, wink), that I am gonna share it! If only I had saved all of the S Family’s outtakes… (oh wait! Maybe I did! Ha ha ha!)

Tacoma Family LIfestyle PhotographerPINIMAGE

Tacoma Family Photographer | Tacoma Lifestyle Family Photographer





– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Up next on the blog is the S Family’s Sneak Peek! Stay Tuned!

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