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Tacoma Family Photography | Why Storytelling Photography?

StoryTelling Photography tells YOUR STORY. Similar to lightening, no two lightening strikes nor no two family stories are the same. There is not a single family out there that has the same story as you! And, how awesome is that? Your Story is something worth celebrating and remembering for a lifetime! Let me help you document Your Story that only YOU can tell!

So, whats a StoryTelling Photography Session like? Well. First off, let me say this. This will be unlike ANY photography session you’ve ever had. Since I won’t ┬ábe posing you, you won’t need to stress about your child smiling or not, or sitting still or anything like that. I have been told that a StoryTelling Photography Session with me was not only fun, but they hardly knew I was there. I have also had a few dads {yes, more than one dad} tell me it was the easiest, most stressless photography session they’ve ever had. {Seriously!}. Secondly, once you book me {And you TOTALLY need to!}, I will send you a few questions to get to know you. Then, if you don’t already have a story in mind that you would like to tell, through the answers you give me, together we will come up with the perfect story for you! Some StoryTelling Story Ideas :

  1. Good Morning! (breakfast, pj’s, snuggles)
  2. Happy Birthday!
  3. Getting Ready For Church.
  4. Baking Together.
  5. Family Date Day.
  6. Picnic.
  7. Bedtime Routine.
  8. New Home!

{Those are just suggestions and there are millions more!}

Thirdly, I will show up at your home, or wherever we decide to tell your story, and I will start shooting. Once the photo session is over with, you will be surprised and question if we “got enough?” I will assure you that we indeed get enough and then I will head home. Shortly thereafter, I will annoy you with sneak peeks, teasers and then ultimately you will receive your notice that your session is 100% complete and ready for pick up! Easy Peasy!

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Tacoma StoryTelling Photography | Happy Birthday!

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